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Enforcement of Alojamento Local legislation likely to be stepped up

The law (Decreto Lei no. 39/2008) requiring all holiday rental properties to be licensed for alojamento local (“AL”) has now been in force for nearly six years.


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Portuguese Golden Visa scheme delivering decisive market stimulus

The Portuguese government offer, launched in August 2012, to grant residency to non-EU nationals purchasing property to the value of €500,000 has already delivered a “decisive stimulus” to the property market, to quote a government spokesperson.

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Portuguese energy efficiency certification welcome but process flawed

The Portuguese law changed in August 2013 such that all properties being advertised for sale must have a valid Energy Efficiency Certificate. Otherwise owners can be fined from €250 to €3,740, while estate agencies advertising uncertified properties can be fined from €2,500 to €44,890.



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A22 tolls fiasco symptomatic of wider Portuguese roads policy failure

EU declares illegal the charging of tolls on formerly free Portuguese motorways
A new A22 toll charging system to be introduced in 2014 to replace the one implemented less than 2 years ago
Portugal has four times more kilometres of motorway per inhabitant than the UK
FT asks why Portugal spent so much money on motorways only to choke off use with unaffordable tolls


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Portugal’s Golden Visa offer set to boost property market

Last August, looking to stimulate its property market as well as its small-to-medium enterprise sector, Portugal introduced a Golden Residency scheme under which a non-EU person can obtain EU residency in return for an investment of €500,000 in property or €1,000,000 in a business.

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The A22 toll saga and the toll-free “alternative” route

Continuing its protest against the introduction of the A22 tolls, the Algarve’s Left Bloc is taking to the N125 on 25th July to highlight the many “black spots” and to stress the need for urgent improvements, if the N125 is ever to be a viable toll-free alternative to the A22.


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A22 Tolls delayed

The government will not be introducing the tolls on the four “SCUT” motorways previously scheduled for the 15th of April, reports AFPOP, the Association for Foreign Residents and Property Owners in Portugal. The process is now on hold until the result of the elections in June.


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Motorway tolls provoke strong opposition

Following legislation passed on 9th September to introduce tolls on the A22 by April of next year, a public meeting has been convened in Loulé for this evening, 20th September, to form a Via do Infante Users’ Commission in order to coordinate opposition to the “unjust and unacceptable” toll scheme.

A22 Motorway Algarve

Photo credit: Elisabete Rodrigues

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Tolls to be charged on the A22: what you need to know

According to a resolution of the Portuguese Council of Ministers approved today 9th September, toll booths are to be installed on the A22 (Via do Infante) motorway, to become operational on 15th April, 2011.


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New Banco de Portugal rules concerning some offshore companies

With effect from 17th September, 2009, Portuguese financial institutions and branches in Portugal have been prohibited by the Bank of Portugal from extending credit to entities in so-called tax havens considered un-cooperative or whose ultimate beneficiary is unknown.

The Bank of Portugal considers a tax haven as a jurisdiction that “aims to attract a significant volume of business with non-residents, particularly due to the existence of less stringent procedures for obtaining authorization under the banking and supervisory regime in respect of banking secrecy, tax advantages, differentiating in the law between residents and non-residents or enabling the setting up of special purpose vehicles.”

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