Village & Community


“First there must be order and harmony within your own mind. Then this order will spread to your family, then to the community, and finally to the entire kingdom. Only then can there be peace and happiness.”


In seeking to create AlmaVerde as a healthy and sustainable living environment, the underlying motivation is to:

  • encourage the lifelong pursuit of individual well-being,
  • foster an active sense of community,
  • promote the sustainable and energy-efficient use of natural resources.

This can be seen as a virtuous life-giving cycle of positive energy emanating from the individual into the community into the environment and back to the individual. 

Read more to see how we at AlmaVerde try to match every aspect of our plan to our Ethos.

At AlmaVerde, we are working to create a village and range of amenities to serve both as a residential community and as a holiday destination. 

Thanks to easy, inexpensive air transport and the internet, more people are now able to spend time away from their normal place of work in a relaxing environment, while staying in touch and remaining productive. AlmaVerde Village is for people who want to enjoy relaxed living in a pristine environment, yet with all the comfort and convenience of a home from home. 

AlmaVerde is planned as a low-density development, with less than 10% of the total area designated for building. Much of the remainder is given over to gardens, sports and play areas, and parkland. Our tree planting programme is also calculated to sequester more carbon than is consumed by the air and ground transportation used by our guests. 

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