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Detox Retreats

In our daily life we all take in substances in the food that we eat, the liquids we drink, even the air that we breathe. Some of these substances are beneficial. Others can be harmful, especially if taken to excess, or if allowed to build up over time to toxic levels. In her TV programme, “Spa of embarrassing illnesses”, our consultant nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has shown how many common health problems can be attributed to diet.


The simple fact is that modern life puts our bodies - as well as our minds - through a lot of stress.

A good detox break will give you and your body an opportunity to relax, recharge and to restore your vitality. Over a short period you will lose a few excess pounds and start to feel clearer, fitter and more energetic.

“We were looking for a relaxing week, to lose weight and to detox. AlmaVerde ticked all the boxes – a beautiful location with fantastic staff who made our week. Thank you to everyone.”

Steve & Rachel

“Just a quick note to say thank you for last week. Please also extend my thanks to all the team- really, everyone. It was lovely to see you all again and the week did me a lot of good. Everyone is so warm and, of course, highly professional. It's great to know that I have my little 'refuge' now in Portugal. I'm sure I'll see you all again soon.”



AlmaVerde-hosted Detox Retreats 

Under the direction of our consultant nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, AlmaVerde-hosted detox and yoga retreats are available during the second week of each month except August. Starting on a Saturday, your retreat can run from 3 to 7 days or more.


Retreats are inclusive of:

  • Personal pre-screen and goal setting
  • 3 - 7 nights’ stay in luxury eco-villa with pool
  • Daily juices, broths, teas, water
  • Daily gentle yoga course
  • Colonic hydrotherapy + Alphalounger  treatments
  • Massage or other 1h treatment 
  • Workbook delivered in print or on DVD
  • Personal consultation and guidance
  • Wide range of other therapies and treatments also available
  • Mountain bike hire, tennis guided walks and other excursions also available


Timetable and prices in euros are as follows:

Package per person in euros inclusive of en suite private room

Nights 14-May-11 11-Jun-11 09-Jul-11 10-Sep-11 08-Oct-11 12-Nov-11 10-Dec-11
3 753 777 855 777 753 681 681
5 1,139 1,179 1,309 1,179 1,139 1,019 1,019
7 1,524 1,580 1,762 1,580 1,524 1,356 1,356



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Amanda Hamilton - AlmaVerde Detox Retreats



Yoga at AlmaVerde


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