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Coolhouse Project

Coolhouse is a project funded by the Energy Research Directorate of the European Commission to investigate innovative ventilation and cooling strategies with a view to reducing the use of domestic air conditioning in Southern Europe, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Buildings are responsible for half of the world's total energy consumption, and for half of the resulting carbon dioxide emissions. In developing AlmaVerde, we believe that it is our duty to design buildings to minimise energy use while providing optimum year-round comfort.

AlmaVerde Coolhouse System

The AlmaVerde Coolhouse Solution

As the founding partner of a European-wide project team, AlmaVerde has conceived a low-technology strategy that uses the soil mass as a heat sink to remove the peaks and troughs of the external air temperature, allowing a consistent supply temperature to the houses.

Coolhouse System

Please see the final Coolhouse team report here

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