In developing AlmaVerde in this area of outstanding natural beauty, our underlying motivation is to:

  • Encourage the lifelong pursuit of well-being and happiness by offering ongoing opportunities for exercise, relaxation, therapeutic treatment, education and personal development
  • Foster an active sense of community among residents and guests
  • Promote the sustainable and energy-efficient use of resources and consideration for the natural environment
  • This ethos can be viewed as a virtuous life-giving cycle of positive energy emanating from individual into community into environment and back to individual.

The lifelong pursuit of individual well-being

  • Modern Spa offering a comprehensive range of wet and dry treatments, incorporating both beauty and luxurious body treatments and therapies
  • Pools area with indoor, outdoor pools and whirlpools for both exercise and leisure
  • Fully-equipped fitness suite and exercise studio
  • Racquets club with synthetic grass tennis courts, practice court and pavilion
  • Wellness centre, offering both complementary and conventional therapies, with library, rooms for workshops and seminars and dojo for yoga, tai chi and other practices
  • Ongoing programs, workshops, classes and seminars
  • International standard restaurant favouring fresh, natural and organic ingredients

Fostering an active sense of community

  • By acknowledging its importance
  • By providing a rich set of amenities for both residents and guests to enjoy
  • By encouraging residents to participate in ongoing programs, workshops, classes and seminars
  • By providing a community Intranet with activity schedules, appointments register, bulletin board, chat areas, and areas to supplement education programs
  • By being responsive to children’s needs with supervised crèche, children’s pool and well-equipped play areas

Promoting consideration for the natural environment

  • By emphasising the use of natural, renewable materials and energy-efficient construction
  • By participating in the Coolhouse Project with the aim of reducing CO² emissions by passive cooling
  • By preserving existing trees and planting new trees and shrubs
  • By investing in high-quality landscape design using a combination of local drought-tolerant species and other specimens
  • By creating “green finger” paths as an alternative to roads for getting around the site


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