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Wellness at AlmaVerde brings together a team of experienced therapists in relaxing surroundings where expert diagnosis is coupled with a range of life-enhancing therapies and treatments. From individual sessions to carefully devised and supervised week-long programmes, our specialists can pinpoint your specific requirements, suggesting the best course of action to optimise your energy levels and sense of well-being. 

Whether your goal is to de-stress and relax, or to re-energise and re-balance, Wellness at AlmaVerde is primed to guide you towards good health and personal problem resolution, helping you in your quest for enhanced quality of life.

Built and maintained to the highest standard, our four floodlit synthetic grass courts will help you to enjoy your game with minimal stress on joints and ligaments. You can rent courts and equipment, book an individual coaching session, or join a group clinic.

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The stresses of contemporary life can leave the body in a state of imbalance, blocking the vital energy pathways that help its individual systems to function effectively. The holistic, complementary therapies on offer at Wellness at AlmaVerde aim to restore the body’s natural equilibrium, boosting the immune system and reducing stress and tension.  With its balance restored, the body becomes more stress-resistant and relaxed; more energised and toxin-free.

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In our daily life we all take in substances in the food that we eat, the liquids we drink, even the air that we breathe. Some of these substances are beneficial. Others can be harmful, especially if taken to excess, or if allowed to build up over time to toxic levels. In her TV programme, “Spa of embarrassing illnesses”, our consultant nutritionist Amanda Hamilton has shown how many common health problems can be attributed to diet.

The simple fact is that modern life puts our bodies - as well as our minds - through a lot of stress.

A good detox break will give you and your body an opportunity to relax, recharge and to restore your vitality. Over a short period you will lose a few excess pounds and start to feel clearer, fitter and more energetic.

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In a busy world, it is easy to neglect your own basic needs for good health and happiness. Our carefully supervised wellness programmes offer a complete, restorative holiday experience, helping you to put well-being back at the centre of your agenda. Whether to eliminate nagging aches or self-defeating habits, or simply to de-stress, our expert team can help you turn your life around.

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Wellness at AlmaVerde invites you to choose from its wide range of relaxing, rejuvenating and energising beauty treatments, from beauty essentials to specialised facials and body wraps, to help you to look and feel at your best.

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Each member of the team at Wellness at AlmaVerde brings a unique blend of skills, experience and insight to help you to achieve your goals of optimum health and happiness.

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