Complementary Therapies

The stresses of contemporary life can leave the body in a state of imbalance, blocking the vital energy pathways that help its individual systems to function effectively. The holistic, complementary therapies on offer at Wellness at AlmaVerde aim to restore the body’s natural equilibrium, boosting the immune system and reducing stress and tension.  With its balance restored, the body becomes more stress-resistant and relaxed; more energised and toxin-free. 

Specialised massages and relaxation therapies

Let our specialist massage therapists go to work on releasing those built-up tensions. Thai Yoga Massage follows the principles of yogic stretching whilst working on key pressure points. Shiatsu Massage with Karuna Manning or Matthias Franz uses gentle pressure on the body's acupuncture meridian lines to work on specific internal organs with the intention of rebalancing your overall energy. Reflexology with Kathy McLauchlan is based on a system of reflex areas in the feet, corresponding to every organ, gland and part of the body. Reflexology is a great way to relax and to help clear energy blockages caused by nervous stress and tension.

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle and profound healing form which assists the body's natural capacity for self-repair. Hot Stone Therapy uses hot stones placed on cloth along the energy centres of the body to help to relax the muscles. The AlphaLounger is a unique, multi-sensory experience that will take you on an inner journey in which your body is rested and your mind feels calm and peaceful.



If you are recovering from a recent injury or have a deep-seated imbalance caused by an older injury, then you can benefit from a course of Physiotherapy with our resident specialist Matthias Franz.



If you suffer from stiff or painful muscles and joints, chronic back or neck pain, then Chiropractic may be the answer. Our specialist Chris Ford specialises in sports injuries and is a PGA registered Golf Heath Clinician.


Personal Fitness, Meditation, NLP

Whether your goal is to balance your body shape or to improve your physique and energy levels, personal fitness guru Gordon Sillence will help you do that. Proficient in yoga and meditation as well as martial arts, Gordon can help you to overcome postural imbalances and release trapped energy. Gordon also uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming, especially in conjunction with the AlphaLounger, to help overcome habitually self-defeating thought patterns, guiding you towards more positive and successful outcomes in your life.


Colon Hydrotherapy

If you want to feel refreshed, revitalised and get a flatter tummy, then there is no better treatment than Colon Hydrotherapy. Book a session with one of our fully qualified therapists Shirley Emilio or Kathy McLauchlan to give your insides a spring clean. You’ll feel lighter and full of energy.


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