Relaxing on the AlmaVerde Alphalounger is a unique multi-sensory experience that will take you on an inner journey to the Alpha state, where your body is rested and your mind feels calm and peaceful.

Using the science of bi-aural resonance, sound vibration and light therapy, the Alphalounger sends waves of sensation up and down your body, releasing both physical and mental tension. The contoured kinaesthetic comfort of the Alphalounger itself is enough to lull you to sleep as your breath gently rocks the lounger in synchrony with the primal vibrations massaging your back.



Modern western technology meets ancient eastern wisdom to produce a hi-tech half hour of sublime tranquillity and insight of the self.

The Alphalounger is an ideal way to relax after sport or a massage, and even better to combine it with a guided Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) session (see below). If you enjoy yoga or meditation, or are interested in learning a meditation or self-relaxation technique, then the Alphalounger offers you the opportunity of experiencing an inner peace of mind by which you can evaluate you own practice.


Alphalounger at AlmaVerde


Combining Alphalounger with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful method of making profound changes in behaviour, feelings and emotions though hypnotic suggestion. When combined with the Alphalounger, the effects of an NLP session are amazingly intensified and deepened, such that the subject enters the sub-conscious realm of the self.

Here a series of problem solving techniques can be employed by the practitioner in order to change negative aspects of your personal make-up or to set up positive life-style transformations.

In a guided NLP Alphalounger session you might deal with issues such as anxiety, self-confidence, lack of will power, stopping smoking, weight loss, phobias, etc. Alternatively, the sessions can be used by those who wish to optimize their performance in business or sport by modelling excellence and enhancing mental performance.

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