Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

If you want to feel refreshed, revitalised and get a flatter tummy, then there is no better treatment than colon hydrotherapy. It may not sound too appealing, but once you’ve overcome any initial embarrassment, you’ll never look back.

The problems created by food and faeces clogging your colon are obvious; bloating, flatulence and fatigue to name a few. Colon hydrotherapy removes this toxic waste, literally giving your insides a spring clean. Not only that, but colon hydrotherapy is also thought to help with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and multiple sclerosis. It’s also a great tool for weight loss, especially as part of a controlled detox/weight loss programme. Afterwards your tummy looks flatter and you feel that little bit lighter.

For the treatment, you lie on your side and warm water is passed through your bowel through a tube gently inserted in your rectum. It’s no more intimate than a bikini wax and after five minutes of chatter with a friendly therapist, you’ll forget the whole thing is going on. If you’re not on the squeamish side, take a look at what gets cleared out. It will make you wonder how you ever functioned with so much weighing you down. Treatment usually takes under an hour. Afterwards there is the option to take some probiotics to give your brand spanking new colon a bit of defence from the food you’ll put into it in the future.


Colon Hydrotherapy at AlmaVerde


Colon hydrotherapy might even inspire you to give other things a clear out too; your wardrobe, your desk, even your mind. You’ll feel cleansed, energized and your jeans will feel looser!



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