What is a good detox programme?

What is a good detox programme?

A good programme is one that maximizes the body’s own natural healing response. There are four elements to this.

Firstly, we should be giving our body a break from the rich foods and drinks of our daily diet, especially if we are prone to excess in any area.

Secondly, we should be bringing into our body helpful substances such as:

  • water to help hydrate the body
  • natural juices rich in enzymes to help digestion
  • other supplements that help to re-balance the body down to the cellular level.

Thirdly, we should be helping our body to eliminate the toxins that we have accumulated. There are only a limited number of ways that this can be achieved. 

One of these is through the lymph system. This system is only active when we are active, so exercise is an essential part of a good detox programme.

It is better to exercise more gently for several hours per day than intensely for a much shorter period. At AlmaVerde, there are plenty of opportunities for this type of exercise:

  • Swimming in the heated pool
  • walking the trails around the development
  • walking on the beach
  • guided walks along coastal and rural trails
  • mountain biking, tennis, etc.

We also combine this need for physical activity with another important need - for good postural alignment to help prevent or eliminate aches and pains - through the practice of yoga. We use the Iyengar method, which is accessible to anyone. 

Regular daily practice in 90 minute sessions over the course of a few days will increases suppleness, strength and stamina, and will help with posture and concentration. It also quietens the mind to promote well-being. The Iyengar method emphasizes precision, alignment, and quality rather than quantity of movement. 

Once the lymph system has “dislodged” the toxins from the different parts of the body, they must then be eliminated as quickly as possible, using the normal methods of elimination that the body has, mainly the “gut” or colon.

Some detox programmes do not even attempt to intervene or assist with the normal eliminative process, but this can put participants through a good deal of unnecessary discomfort. 

The time-honoured method for assisting with normal elimination is the enema, and it is definitely a good idea to take an enema every couple of days during a detox programme. But recent years have seen the development of improved methods and equipment, and at AlmaVerde we offer colonic hydrotherapy to achieve more comfortable and controlled colonic cleansing, requiring no effort at all on the part of the detoxee.

The final ingredient for a good detox programme is the environment in which it takes place. AlmaVerde’s luxury villas are set in lush landscaping, with sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. The air is clean and fresh and the environment untouched by mass tourism or large scale agriculture. Solid sun-dried clay walls and low energy systems combine to ensure that the villas remain naturally comfortable summer and winter. In a busy world, AlmaVerde remains a haven of tranquility.

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