Kathy McLauchlan

Kathy McLauchlan - AlmaVerde Reflexology Specialist


I graduated from London University in 1985 and worked for several years in Human Resource Consultancy, specialising in personal and life coaching. During this time I increasingly realised the importance of working with your body and in your body as much as with your mind in order to achieve balance. Balance in life starts with physical and mental health. I qualified in Reflexology and Colon Hydrotherapy and now combine all these therapies, working with the influences of the mind and body. In all my years´ experience I have learnt that the client has all the answers for healing within them. My role is to help clear the way.

I was first introduced to Colon Hydrotherapy as part of a detox programme where participants were receiving colonic therapies to support the release of toxins from their bodies. When I saw the difference the colonic hydrotherapy made to the way they were feeling - how bright-eyed and relaxed they appeared - I really wanted to try it for myself. After my first treatment, I knew straight away that I wanted to train to be able to provide this for others. I felt it was important to promote colonics as part of a healthy lifestyle. I was amazed how it brought home the message to people that what they eat really is essentially what they are - in a simple visual way - whilst being a relaxing and releasing therapy.



  • MA in Employment Law and Employee Relations
  • CTI / Stillpoint Associates Diploma in Impact Coaching
  • SAC Diploma in Reflexology
  • RICTAT Registered Colon Hydrotherapist



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