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AlmaVerde’s traditional, working lime kiln

AlmaVerde is a traditional area for lime production
The remaining lime kiln on site was restored in 2001
Eating Montpellier snake not a good idea!
Using wood as a fuel makes production very labour-intensive

AlmaVerde's lime kiln

AlmaVerde’s lime kiln

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Portuguese energy efficiency certification welcome but process flawed

The Portuguese law changed in August 2013 such that all properties being advertised for sale must have a valid Energy Efficiency Certificate. Otherwise owners can be fined from €250 to €3,740, while estate agencies advertising uncertified properties can be fined from €2,500 to €44,890.



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Is there a “value premium” in sustainably built homes?

Quantitative research has been lacking to support this contention. However, as reported in award winning US blog Jetson Green, recent research conducted by the Earth Advantage Institute, an Oregon-based non-profit organization, found that new homes with a green certification (US Green Building Council’s LEED in this instance), sold for 8 per cent more than new homes without a certification. Moreover, existing homes with a green certification sold for 30 per cent more than homes without such a certification. The research was carried out in several districts in Washington, Oregon, and was based on sales between 1 May, 2010 and 30 April, 2011. While there were differences from district to district, the overall results strongly supported the notion that both new and existing homes with a green certification have higher sale values.

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The contribution made by thermal mass is not fully recognised

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British family opt for eco home in AlmaVerde, Portugal

Increasingly buying a property overseas for environmental reasons is becoming the norm and that’s exactly what the Keet family did when purchasing their four-bedroom home in AlmaVerde, Western Algarve.


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Sleepy Barão S. João at the centre of a clean-energy transition!

An interesting article appeared in the New York Times on August 9th with the title “Portugal Gives Itself a Clean-Energy Makeover”.

Portugal Clean Energy

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Buying a second home in the Algarve

Case study: Brian & Debbie

In 2004, Brian Layton, then 61, and buoyed by the prospect of selling his Hampshire water cooler business, set out on a search to find a second home in the sun for himself and his extended family.

Algarve, Portugal buying a second home

Brian & Debbie - buying a second home in Algarve

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Agenda for promoting sustainable building in Portugal

The following is a condensed version of comments made by John Tranmer, Managing Director of AlmaVerde Village & Spa at the SB10 regional conference on Sustainable Building held at the Hilton, Vilamoura on 17 – 19 March, during the Plenary Session VII Financing and procurement.


John Tranmer

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The challenges and rewards of sustainable development

The following notes were originally prepared for a panel entitled “The Challenges and Rewards of Sustainable Development” at the OPPLive! Property Show at London’s ExCeL on 23rd October, 2009, chaired by Gordon Miller of

What is sustainability?

Here are some commonly used definitions:

Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the capacity to endure. In ecology, the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. For humans it is the potential for long-term maintenance of wellbeing, which in turn depends on the wellbeing of the natural world and the responsible use of natural resources.

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