Kasia Wrona Exhibition opens at CENTRO CULTURAL DE LAGOS on 27th March

An exhibition by Polish artist Kasia Wrona entitled “Flames of Inspiration” opens at the Lagos Cultural Centre on 27th March and will run until 22nd May.

“Flames of Inspiration” is an exhibition of works primarily inspired by the intense and disturbing experience felt by the artist during and following the forest fires that devastated Serra de Monchique in 2003

Kasia Wrona

Kasia Wrona

Observing the destruction of the fire and the subsequent self regeneration of natural life, Kasia Wrona created a series of paintings, and has now put them into context for the exhibition at CCL by including an installation consisting of many objects / “eyes.” In this series of works the artist expresses her interpretation of the primordial elements of life and affirms artistically her “spiritual kinship with nature.”

"Flames of Inspiration"

"Flames of Inspiration"

Kasia Wrona (www.kasiawrona.com) completed her studies, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, in the Graphic Department in Katowice, Poland, where she graduated with distinction. During her career she has won several awards.

Kasia Wrona currently lives and works in Bensafrim, near the West coast of the Algarve, where she paints, draws and creates video installations, performances and films. She has had more than 60 individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal, Poland and Germany.

AlmaVerde’s John Tranmer owns a number of Kasia Wrona’s large format acrylic paintings, one of which is on display in the Administration Office. Its greens and oranges reflect the colours dominant in the countryside of the Western Algarve, colours that are also reflected in the AlmaVerde logo.

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  1. recon  on August 15th, 2010

    Hi Kasia,My name is Jim and I am from Saginaw Michigan.My mothers maden name was Wrona and I wondered if she was related to you. Her father’s name was Martin Wrona and he came to the U.S.around 1905 from Poland.My mother and three of her sisters were speed skaters in the late 30’s forty’s and early 50’s.(The Skating Wrona’s)My mothers name was Agnes and she had nine siblings in all.All have passed away but one, my aunt Florence who is in her 80’s.I don’t know alot about the Wrona name as my mother died when I was young and my grandparents spoke mostly polish and broken english.I know my grandfather was a carpenter and was already retired when I was born.He and my grandmother
    Mary Scura were married in Long Island N.Y. in around 1905 then Moved to Michigan. I came upon your website when I was looking up some imformation on the skating Wrona’s….PS your art is really great love all the colors.
    Thank’s Jim


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